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If you're looking for quality luxury and exotic vehicles, you've come to the right place. Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton is where serious car buyers go when they're looking for the best used luxury and exotic vehicles at a very affordable price. Browse our impressive inventory and request a viewing of your dream car today.

Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton is the largest indoor luxury and exotic used vehicle dealership in all of Alberta. Located at 11925 Kingsway Ave. in Edmonton, we have an unparalleled inventory of, luxury and exotic vehicles at an affordable price for everyone. Only carrying the highest quality vehicles available, all cars, trucks, mini vans and SUVs in our showroom go through an extensive inspection process so you can drive away knowing you're behind the wheel of a reliable, finely tuned luxury or exotic vehicle at an affordable price.

A unique, stylish, speedy, safe and feature rich luxury car is endless.  It can be rightly said that it's a man's or woman’s pride to have a luxurious car. This luxury can be affordable, the most expensive cars are the most luxurious, not only the richest can have these cars and others can only dream of driving it, but at Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton we can make it an affordable and reasonable buying experience, there are several options available for you to be able to own it yourself. 

Driving a Luxury vehicle is an experience that can't be matched. Request a viewing today and discover the experience for yourself.

At Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton, you can always decide which one suits you the best. Every car is unique and mind-blowing. Your dream Pre-0wned Luxury vehicle is more affordable and within reach than you think.

Find your luxury used vehicle today at luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton. We promise to make it affordable for you to own one

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Far more than four wheels, brakes, and metal panelling like many of the vehicles you pass on the road, driving a luxury or exotic vehicle is what driving was intended to be. Browse our extensive inventory and find the right luxury or exotic vehicle that suits your lifestyle.

A luxury car or SUV is all about the details. From the finest leathers and stitching, to the lush, comfortable seats, to the impressive engine power and agile steering, a luxury vehicle turns heads and causes envy among your fellow drivers. It's a status symbol reserved for the confident and passionate. View our impressive selection of luxury vehicles and find your status symbol.

An exotic car, like a Lamborghini, is made for speed. Generally, an exotic supercar has few gadgets or features on the inside. Designed to be sleek, sexy, fierce, and aerodynamic, an exotic vehicle will exhilarate you when you're speeding down the highway or track. These are impressive machines meant to be driven by skilled, passionate drivers.

Don't delay, browse our inventory of exotic and luxury vehicles.

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Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton is one of Canada's premier luxury and exotic vehicle buyers. Whether you live in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada, we're intersted in buying your high-end vehicle. If you're looking to sell your vehicle, we also have a Park and Sell service available. We buy used luxury cars, exotic imports, and domestic vehicles  from all over Canada.

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Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton has a large guest parking area with 140 stalls for you to use while shopping our impressive inventory or hosting an event at our world-class facility. We are also a Better Business Bureau accredited business, a member of the Edmonton Kingsway District Association, and licensed by the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council. We proudly serve the people of Edmonton and all of Western Canada.