Buy an Extended Warranty for your current Vehicle

Is your manufacturers warranty about to expire?  Have no warranty coverage on your current vehicle? 

NO PROBLEM!!  With the purchase of Mechanical Breakdown Protection, you can stop worrying about unexpected repair costs and look forward to driving your vehicle for years to come.  With several coverage levels, term lengths, and deductible options, we can customize a plan to meet your needs.  Don’t think you can afford it?  We’ve got you covered!!  We also offer a “No Interest Deferred Payment Plan” for all our Mechanical Breakdown Protection plans with weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payment options.  NO CREDIT CHECKS REQUIRED!!



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Protect Your Investment

It is said that purchasing a vehicle is typically the second largest investment a person will make in their lifetime.  Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton has partnered with the best Mechanical Breakdown Protection companies available.  Unforeseen mechanical breakdowns and unanticipated costly repairs can be stressful.  With today's vehicles consisting of thousands of specialized and hi-tech components, the cost of auto repairs is increasing approximately 5% each year.  Mechanical Breakdown Protection will help you to avoid having to deal with unexpected costly vehicle repairs.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Did you know that comprehensive mechanical warranty is not just for new vehicles?  We offer the best comprehensive Mechanical Breakdown Protection for used vehicles.  Mechanical Breakdown Protection eliminates concerns about the durability of major drive train assemblies and hi-tech components, protect you and your family by providing additional coverage for critical safety and comfort components, stand vigilant over your vehicle’s most essential components, and shield against the potential high cost of commonly required repairs.

Our Mechanical Breakdown Protection provides the added comfort and peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is comprehensively covered beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.  Coverage includes, but not limited to, engine, steering, drive axle, transmission, front and rear suspension, heating/cooling, electrical, brake, and hi-tech components and much more.

Additional Services included with Mechanical Breakdown Protection

When you invest into a Mechanical Breakdown Protection policy, you will also receive, but not limited to, these additional services:

Canada & United States Coverage, your vehicle will be covered anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Transferrable Coverage, in the event you choose to sell your current vehicle privately, you can apply to transfer the coverage to the next owner for the remainder of the Policy.

Rental Coverage, in the event of a covered breakdown, car rental services will be covered during repairs. *

Trip Interruption, in the event of a covered breakdown occurs more than 100kms from your home, your meals and lodging are covered. *

Emergency Road Services, in the event of your vehicle being disabled and requires on-site assistance, 24-hr emergency services will be available.  Services include, but not limited to, mechanical first aid, tire, battery, fuel delivery, towing, and locksmith. *

*Some restrictions apply - see Policy/Contract for complete details.