Join our team! We are hiring an accomplished Used Cars Sales/Finance Manager

We are now accepting applications for the following position:


  • Must be familiar with all makes and models of pre-owned vehicles from luxury to mid-range. 
  • Responsible for customer retention and the profitability of the profit centre.
  • Assumes responsibility for evaluating, purchasing, reconditioning, displaying and
  • marketing the stock of previously used cars.
  • Supplies the used car sales department with saleable used cars.
  • Finance experience with Dealertrack Portal and Financial institutions.

Please send your complete resume to and we will contact all qualified entries that meet the described job position for an interview.

MAJOR TASKS are listed below, but the incumbent may be assigned to other duties.

  • Plans monthly and annual objectives for the sales, gross turnover and essential expenses of the previously used car sales department.
  • Coordinate with general manager annual operating budget of the previously used car sales department.
  • Follows up, as appropriate, on all potential buyers, by creating, implementing and closely monitoring a customer search and sales control system.
  • Creates, implements and manages a system to follow up on buyers of previously used cars.
  • Provides his/her supervisor with exact information on management of floor activities, daily.
  • Manages the marketing and advertising activities of the previously used car department, together with his/her supervisor. Cooperates in devising various advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Fills in the completed transaction sheets and forwards them to accounting in a timely manner.
  • Establishes and maintains standards for the delivery of cars to the customers.
  • Ensures that the first after-sales department appointment is arranged at the time of delivery.
  • Processes the sales advisors’ commission sheets and verifies their payroll.
  • Analyzes the various customer satisfaction reports and submits recommendations to ensure customer retention and loyalty.
  • Evaluates all previously used cars brought into the dealership, ensures that their titles of ownership are in order and checks their mechanical condition and bodywork.
  • Applies the stickers required for the sale and long-term lease of automobiles by the Consumer Protection Act and ensures that they are updated.
  • Ensures that previously used vehicles intended for the retail market are covered by a legal warranty of fitness.
  • Plans and manages the display of vehicles in the parking area. Understands and keeps abreast of federal and provincial regulations and municipal bylaws governing the sale of previously used cars, and observes them.
  • Keeps abreast of the manufacturer’s current product, program and promotional novelties and/or those of the financial institutions. Notifies the sales team of any changes.

Tasks related to stock/purchasing/evaluation management

  • Closely follows customer tastes, lost sales, the history of dealership sales and local market trends, to choose which cars to stock and ensure that purchasing is balanced.
  • Analyzes advertising in newspapers or other publications, in order to find vehicles in good condition with low odometer readings.
  • Implements a turnover policy of 2 days.
  • Evaluates all previously used cars brought into the dealership. Keeps up-to-date on the current market and current evaluations of previously used cars.
  • Exchanges vehicles with other dealers.
  • Plans and manages the display of previously used cars.
  • Manages the refurbishing of previously used vehicles (reconditioning).
  • Ensures that the cost and time of reconditioning the bodywork and the mechanical restoration do not exceed the dealer’s forecasts.
  • Creates and maintains a field network (wholesale and retail salespeople) both to
  • purchase and sell cars.
  • Attends auctions approved by management and purchases vehicles.
  • Closely monitors earnings from auction purchases and compares gross profit from cars from auctions to gross profit from trade-ins.
  • Notifies individuals concerned of the scheduled dates for the delivery of the cars
  • purchased.
  • Develops and manages wholesale activities.

Tasks related to the management of human resources

  • Chairs the daily and weekly sales team meetings and implements systems to provide ongoing training for the previously used car sales advisors.
  • Trains and motivates the personnel reporting to him/her and participates in hiring these personnel, together with his/her supervisor.
  • Conducts formal evaluations of the performance of the personnel reporting to him/her, at set intervals.
  • Helps the previously used car sales advisors set aggressive, but realistic, monthly objectives and provides them with the support required to attain these objectives.
  • Helps the previously used car sales advisor’s complete transactions and meets with customers, if necessary.
  • Ensures that the previously used car sales advisors understand and comply with the dealership’s sales policies, conditions and systems.
  • Monitors the efforts of the previously used car sales advisors to improve the customers’ image of the dealership and their satisfaction with it.
  • Encourages team work in a sales environment focused on the clientele throughout the entire sales, delivery and follow-up process.
  • Maintains efficient communications within the new car department, as well as between departments. Endeavors to promote harmony and a team spirit, with all the other departments.
  • Takes part in management meetings, if invited.
  • Maintains a professional appearance.
  • Performs other tasks, based on management requirements and instructions.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Car Sales/Finance Manager Job

The under listed are the essential requirements for the used car sales manager job. all applicants to meet:

  • Education and Training: required background knowledge and experience in the field of sales and financing preferably as a sales manager or finance manager.
  • Exceptional customer service – personal communications with clients
  • Professional – mature – organized - presentable
  • Negotiation Skills: Well versed in conducting negotiations with clients to reach a profitable bargain for a dealership
  • Persuasive Skills: Able to convince clients to make purchases despite reservations
  • Mathematical Skills: Good with numbers to employ this knowledge when conducting sales negotiations and closing sales deals.
  • assist clients in selecting suitable vehicle models that better meets their needs and specification.
  • Computer skills.
  • AMVIC licensed and in good standing
  • Current driver’s license in good standing
  • Must provide references