Why you need a Carfax?


Luxur Fine Cars provides you with Carfax the most comprehensive vehicle history report. These provide the most thorough picture of a vehicle’s past and peace of mind before you buy a vehicle.

Buy better.

Verified reports give you the accident history, recall status, registration history and a Canadian Lien Check, so you can be confident the vehicle you’re buying is safe and lien-free.

Sell better.

Providing prospective buyers with a Verified report helps you build trust by being upfront with the vehicle’s accident history, recall information, registration history, U.S. history, lien status and more.

Drive away happy.

A vehicle’s status and history can impact its value and safety, and an active lien can leave a buyer responsible for the previous owner’s debt. A Verified report gives you all the information you need to buy or sell the right car at the right price.

The Carfax Canada that we provide you when you buy from Luxur, checks for:

  1. Insurance claims from public and private insurers
  2. Repair estimates from collision facilities
  3. Police reported accidents
  4. Theft of entire vehicle
  5. Structural damage
  6. Frame damage
  7. Total loss
  8. Rebuilt
  1. Salvage
  2. Irreparable
  3. Flood damage
  4. Hail damage
  5. Lemons
  6. Stolen vehicle check
  7. Auction declarations
  8. Airbag deployment
  9. Odometer readings
  1. Service records
  2. Registration and branding information
  3. U.S./Canada import records
  4. Detailed U.S. history
  5. Flag for one owner and accident free vehicles
  6. Inspection records
  7. Sherlock anti-theft markings
  8. CAMVAP buybacks