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For both individuals and companies all over Edmonton, leasing rather than purchasing a vehicle can make a lot of sense. With an open-end lease, you have the ability to change vehicles every few years depending on the term of the lease. And when you lease, the upfront costs are considerably less compared to purchasing the same car, truck, van, or SUV.

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Consumer Open-End Lease Programs

An Open-End Lease can be a smart alternative to buying a vehicle, in fact, there are quite a few benefits. When you lease a vehicle, the down payment may be considerably less compared to financing the same vehicle for the same term, which leaves you with more cash on-hand. The low monthly payments of a lease may also allow you to get behind the wheel of a luxury or exotic car. These are just two of the many benefits an open-end lease provides you.

Consumer Leasing Benefits at-a-Glance

check mark Conserve cash flow and credit lines

check mark Low monthly payments

check mark No annual kilometre restriction

check mark No end of term wear and tear penalties

check mark Allows you to lease in higher-end vehicle

check mark Change to a different vehicle every few years

check mark Flexible residuals


Commercial Open-End Lease Programs

For many businesses in the Edmonton area, it makes more sense to lease their commercial vehicles and equipment than purchase them outright. Your business is going to grow and as it does your needs are going to change. When you lease your commercial trucks, vans, and other vehicles, you’re going to be able to upgrade your vehicles every few years (depending on your lease term). There are also a host of financial benefits to commercial leasing.

Commercial Leasing Benefits

check mark Fast applications process/Same day approvals

check mark Conserve capital and credit lines

check mark Keep asset/liability off your financial statement

check mark Tax savings

check mark Low monthly payments

check mark No annual kilometre restriction

check mark Ability to upgrade frequently

check mark Flexible residuals

check mark Competitive lease rates starting at 4.95%

check mark Structure lease in company name solely (OAC)


Luxur Leasing

Luxur Leasing is a division of Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton which offers consumer and commercial open-end lease programs for new and used vehicles and equipment that are not part of our inventory. We are now able to offer a finance service to our clients for private sales and 3rd party vendor sales as a leasing brokerage.

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