Selling Your Car, Truck, or Suv has Never Been Easier


Here at Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton, we have the province's largest indoor vehicle showroom. When you sell your vehicle with us, you have access to not only our physical showroom and large visitor base, but also a digital presence here in our website's inventory, and through our Canada-wide automotive network. You don't pay us a penny until your vehicle is sold, and we'll sell it for the price that you want. How easy is that?



How it Works

Step One

Fill out the form with as much detail as you can provide

Step Two

Our team of experts will assess the value and inspect your vehicle

Step Two

We'll get the word out and start advertising

Step Three

We sell it for you and you get paid! How easy is that?

Compare selling it yourself with our Park and sell Executive services

Selling with us


We advertise for you

We take the expense out of selling your vehicle by reaching thousands of potential buyers across Canada.


AMVIC licensed

We deal with all buyers on your behalf and all of our staff are AMVIC licensed and bonded.


We pay you

We take care of getting you your money and we are bonded; licensed and funds are secured by us


We always honour our quotes

As long as your vehicle is as represented, we honor our quotes 


Quick Turnaround

Our licensed staff will process your paperwork in a timely manner


We arrange lien

We will arrange all lien payoffs and our licensed staff will process your paperwork in a timely manner


We review prices

We are happy to review the price offered details, retail, wholesale and dealer auction prices


You keep the title & insurance

Until your vehicle is sold and you get your money


licensed AMVIC staff

Our licensed AMVIC staff will go on every test drive with the buyer once we qualify them as buyers


We keep your information safe

When using our services, we do not disclose any personal information to anyone, they deal directly with us