Credit Insurance

Are You Prepared?

Imagine not being able to work because of an illness or injury, would you be able to carry the financial load until you are able to start working again? If you pass away, would you be putting an additional financial burden on your family? If you lost your job, would you be able to carry the financial load until you found another job?  What happens if your vehicle was a total loss? Will your insurance company provide a payout that covers the balance owing on your finance contract for the full term of your loan?

Credit Insurance helps ensure that in the event of an illness or injury, death, involuntary, involuntary or total vehicle loss the insured vehicle payments will be made to your lender to reduce or eliminate debt.

What are the Benefits?

Benefit payments are tax free, paid directly to the lender, and never have to be repaid. Creditor insurance pays over and above any additional insurance. Premiums are calculated based on your financed amount, not on your age.

check mark No medical exam is required

check mark No occupational restrictions

Enrollment is voluntary and made available at the time your loan or leasing agreement commences, so premiums can be included in financing as an easy payment option.

Plans are available to both the customer and the cosigner.
Customize coverage to fit your needs.
Benefits are paid in addition to any other insurance.