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As Edmonton’s leader in high-quality vehicle finance and leasing, we’re always looking to obtain the best finance or lease solution for our customers unique needs. We have a wide range of programs aimed at finding the right finance or lease solution so you can drive away in the vehicle you’ve always wanted.

Commercial & Consumer Open-End Lease

Depending on your needs and lifestyle, leasing a vehicle might be the right decision for you. Get a lower down payment compared to financing and upgrade to a different, more capable vehicle every few years.



When financing a vehicle,  you are essentially purchasing it over a period of years. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, financing a high-end pre-owned vehicle can be the right option for you.


Auto Refinance

Lower your monthly payments and have a little money left over for the finer things in life by refinancing. We can refinance your current loan and get you a better interest rate, and lower your loan payments.


Mechanical Breakdown

Unforeseen mechanical breakdowns can be stressful.  With today's vehicles consisting of thousands of specialized and hi-tech components, the cost of auto repairs are increase approximately 5% each year.  Mechanical Breakdown Protection will help dealing with unexpected vehicle repairs.


Credit Insurance

No one likes to think about it, but injuries and accidental deaths occur in Edmonton everyday. We have a range of life insurance plans that will ensure your loved ones are taken care of if you’re ever involved in a serious or deadly accident.


Auto Protection Packages

Edmonton’s climate can really take its toll on your vehicle. With this weather, your vehicle can really take a beating. Our Smart Protection Packages help defend your vehicle from the elements, and Platinum Security both deters thieves and ensures your vehicles can be found if it is ever stolen.


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