Park - Buy and Sell Your Car: Frequently Asked Questions 

Park and Sell Your Vehicle: Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to sell my car?

Unfortunately we cannot predict how long it will take to sell your vehicle. However, our past experience tells us that if your vehicle is priced right and in good condition it will sell faster. We have been providing the exclusive services of Park, Buy and Sell for over 10 years to customers from all over Western Canada and found it to be very successful and effective with positive results.

What can I do to increase my chances of selling?

Here are some tips to increase the chances of selling your vehicle:

  • Be reasonable in pricing your vehicle.

  • Make your vehicle presentable - first impressions are very important to potential buyers.

  • Check the fluids including oil, coolant, transmission and washer fluid.

  • Make sure your vehicle's battery is good and strong.

  • A mechanical inspection will help greatly. (We can arrange it for you)

  • CarProof Report. (we can provide you with one at an added cost)

  • Complete auto detailing. (we can arrange it for you at an added cost)

What about insurance?

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for carrying adequate insurance coverage while the vehicle is in our facility.

Do I need my title or registration?

Leaving the title with Park-Buy and Sell Your Car is completely at your discretion. However, it is to your benefit to leave the title in our office due to many reasons. Some buyers are interested in purchasing a vehicle that same day and cannot wait for the seller to bring in the title.

What if my vehicle does not sell?

You can choose to renew your contract for another 30 days or choose to no longer use our services - the choice is totally up to you.

Can I use my vehicle during the contract?

We do not recommend that you use your vehicle while it is parked at the dealership. The lot is locked securely after normal business hours and we found in the past that customers missed selling opportunities when potential buyers could not find the vehicle on site for viewing and test drives.

The selling process.

Once we have a bonified deal offer with a deposit from the buyer for your vehicle, we will contact you and make sure that you agree with the selling price and or any other condition(s) and you will have to come in and sign the bill of sale.

How does the seller get paid?

When the transaction is fully complete and we have full payment of the proceeds, the seller will receive a check directly from us in the amount of the sale price less the 10% selling Park and Sell fees and any other services that we may have provided.

What if I have a loan on my vehicle?

No problem. Once the vehicle is sold, we will ask you for a current official payoff amount. We then mail a check directly to the lien holder. If the payoff amount is more than the balance owed to you after the vehicle has sold, you will then need to bring in the difference to us payable to the lien holder and pay us our 10% selling fee.

What if the loan on my vehicle is less than what you sold it for?

If the payoff amount is less than the vehicle selling price, we will issue a cheque payment to you for the difference less our 10% selling fee once we receive the lien release from the lien holder. To speed up this process, we have a form for you to sign to have the lien release mailed directly to us.

Who arranges all paperwork?

We will arrange all lien payoffs and our licensed staff will process your paperwork in a timely manner.  All you have to do is come in and sign the bill of sale.

The Business will conscientiously display, market, demonstrate and attempt to find a buyer for the said vehicle, Boat and Motorhome for sale to the best of the business ability and it's understood that the Business is only providing the Buyer and seller a service only; and not a Guarantee the vehicle, Boat and Motorhome for Sale will be Sold within the specified time of this agreement

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