Annual Luxur Putting Open

Please Register Below and tell us how many players will be playing. A minimum of 72 teams are required by Sep 27th, 2018 for this event to proceed. All Paid Fees will be refunded if the tournament is cancelled.

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Please register online or in-person. Deadline for registration is on October 5th, 2018. Please call us at 780-540-5400 to pay for your registration or visit us at Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton, located at 11925 - Kingsway Ave NW. Edmonton, AB. During business hours.

Entry Fee will be $100 per player with a portion being donated as a fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank. 

A minimum of 72 teams are needed for this event to proceed (72 registrations needed by Sept 27th)

Putting Contest Rules:

2 Man Scramble Best Shot Format

  1. Tee times will be allocated, and players must arrive to Luxur Fine Cars a minimum of 5 Minutes prior to their tee times and sign in at the registration table.  
  2. Two Cumulative Qualifying Rounds will be played on the Friday and Saturday. Sunday the teams will start at Even Score for the Final Round.
  3. Each player will tee off from the block tee markers with the corresponding hole on the block. The ball must not be in front of the block and within 8 inches of the block tee marker, taking the best shot of the two players until the ball is holed.
  4. 18 holes will be played in correct order from hole 1 to hole 18.
  5. Each team will be paired with another team and alternating play on each hole.
  6. The flag can stay in the hole while the players putt.
  7. Ball must be marked after the best tee shot is chosen, allowing you to accurately place the 2nd shot for the 2nd player. The ball will be played within a putter club head length of the marked ball, no closer to the hole.
  8. Ball must come to a complete stop before making the next stroke. A 1 stroke penalty will be assessed to any player that hits a ball while still moving.
  9. Any movement incurred by the player with the putter while the ball is in play is deemed a stroke. If the ball rolls on its on after being placed, it may be replaced and played from the original position.
  10. No practice shots may be taken during competitive rounds.
  11. If the ball leaves the area of play, the player must take a 1 stroke penalty and place the ball within 1 club length no closer to the hole at the nearest point of relief.
  12. A free placement is allowed for any obstruction on the green that affects the stoke of the putt. Such as the immovable support beams. The ball is to be placed within 12 inches of the nearest point of relief from the immovable obstruction. Immovable obstructions are at the discretion of the Rules Official.   
  13. If there is a tie on the final round, the teams will play a continuous playoff hole until a winning team is deemed. The Rules official/Committee will choose the holes to be played.
  14. Any disputes are to be settled by the Assigned Rules Official/Committee and their decision is final.

About the course:

One of the most unique features of Luxur Fine Cars professionally designed and crafted 5,600 sq. ft. 18-hole golf greens complete with sand traps and chipping areas in the middle of our facility inside our 32,000 sq. ft. showroom is a climate controlled, indoor facility. This is an 18-hole putting course that will challenge the most experienced golfer. No windmills, no alligator mouths to putt through, this course will help sharpen the putting game for all golfers. Our putting green course is surrounded by over 100+ vehicles from exotic to luxury cars. We also have a relaxing 2,000 sq. ft. customer lounge with a large flat screen TV, Wi-Fi access, mobile phone charging stations, and much more.

Course Photos