6 Options for Selling your Vehicle

Do not trade in your used vehicle! You will get a lot less than you think! Sell it for CASH!

Sell it to Luxur Fine Cars, we will buy it.

Before you decide if you should trade your used car in or sell it privately? Allow yourself to see what options Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton has to offer! We will guarantee that you will not be disappointed at the options that have to offer you before you make your final decision to sell your vehicle.  Luxur Fine Cars Is the Authorized Dealer and place to start when you are ready to sell your used vehicle whether it’s an Import or Domestic Car, Truck, SUV, Sedan, Minivans or Convertible. We buy All makes and models.

Trade-in | Sell it privately | Take it to a public auction | Park and sell services | Sell it to us | Re-finance it!

  1. When you Trade in your used vehicle at a dealership and get less cash and over inflated trade in prices. In nearly every case, the amount of money you would receive when trading a car in will be significantly less than what you would receive from selling it to us or using our exclusive park-buy and sell car services. If your car is only a few years old, this could be a significant amount of money.
  2. When you Sell your used vehicle yourself. It Can take weeks and months and possible expenses, and you will have to display your personal and address on all ads. Most private party buyers will examine the car top to bottom, inside and out. they will question the service history, the tear on the seat, and the wear on the tires. During that time, you will have to invest in advertising and keep the car clean as potential buyers will call to see the car on a moment's notice. You will need to be available to take test drives with prospective buyers or allow them to take the car for a test drive without you.
  3. When you Sell your used vehicle at Public AuctionsYour vehicle could get damaged, parts, manuals and extra keys get taken out, body damage by parking vehicles close to each other and you get whatever the final bid price is that you have agreed to accept. Hundreds of buyers will be going in and out of your car without any supervision. There are no guarantees that it will be sold, which means you will incur auctions fees and additional no sale charges.
  4. Use our Park and Sell exclusive car services and get retail price and we do everything on your behalf. We are the only exclusive indoor licensed facility in Edmonton, Alberta and Western Canada that provides all the necessary services to sell your Import or Domestic car, Truck, SUV, Sedan, Minivans, or Convertible all under one roof indoor in our 100+ car showroom.
  5. Sell your pre-owned vehicle to us and get a fair market value always greater than a franchised dealership. Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton Is the Authorized Dealer and place to start when you are ready to sell your used vehicle whether it’s an Import or Domestic car, Truck, SUV, Sedan, Minivans, Convertible. We buy All makes and models like; Acura - Audi - BMW - Buick - Chevrolet - Cadillac - Chrysler - Dodge - Fiat - Ford - GM - GMC - Honda - Hyundai - Infiniti - Jeep - Kia - Volvo - Lincoln - Lexus - Mazda - Mercedes Benz - Mini - Mitsubishi - Nissan - Porsche - Ram - Subaru - Toyota – Volkswagen.
  6. Re-finance your Vehicle with us, consider re-financing your car loan with Luxur Fine Cars and receive lower monthly payments and low interest rates, leaving room for positive cash flow or just take the cash equity from your re-financing and use it for other projects that you may require.
  • we are always looking for clean and well taken care of privately-owned cars, trucks, SUV’s and minivans just like yours.
  • We offer a professional car buying experience and advice guaranteed.
  • Shopping for a new vehicle with cash in your hands will put you in a much better negotiating position.
  • When you are buying a new vehicle, franchised dealerships are giving you a lot less money for your trade in as they always will show you an over allowance for your car and not real actual value.

When we buy your used vehicle, we pay you for it! FAST

We'll buy your car even if you don't want to buy ours or any other car. See below how your used car offer is created, fast and easy! From ease and convenience to safety and finances, it just makes sense.

It's a sure thing:

  • We’ll buy your car, regardless if you don’t buy ours.
  • We’ll buy every car we appraise that you accept our offer regardless of make or model.

It’s transparent:

  • Just like our no-haggle pricing, we don’t play number games with your appraisal.
  • you’ll get a detailed summary of the inspection.
  • Selling your car to Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton vs. private party sale

It's hassle-free

  • no title issues
  • no problems with buyer funding or financing

It's easy:

  • The actual sale of your vehicle can take as little as 20 minutes—just sign the paperwork  

​ and walk away with payment in hand.

  • We’ll even handle your loan payoff, if needed
  • It saves time and money:
  • no more payments
  • no advertising fees
  • no more depreciation
  • no time wasted with tire-kickers

It's safe:

  • no meetings with strangers at your home
  • payment is always good

we won’t change our minds and try to make you take the car back

Please provide us with the following information when selling your used vehicle to us:

  • Proof of ownership 
  • Valid Registration
  • Current Insurance Coverage
  • Any active Liens
  • Photo ID 
  • Any other paperwork related to the vehicle
  • Carfax

Please Take Notice:

We do not appraise vehicles online or over the phone - you must bring your vehicle to our dealership location in Edmonton or we will come to where your vehicle is located in order to receive a proper valuation appraisal only if you live in the City of Edmonton and surrounding areas within the city limits.

To determine the value of your vehicle, one of our appraisers will need to do a Car-Proof, inspect and test-drive your vehicle. When we are done, we will give you our valuation to buy your vehicle on the spot.