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We’ll Sell Your Premium Car, Truck, SUV, and get you Retail price for it!line

Selling a an exotic or luxury car, truck or suv isn’t easy. Beyond finding the right buyer, selling a vehicle privately can be time consuming and stressful. From negotiating a price to dealing with paperwork and arranging shipping, selling a premium vehicle is a hassle. Park and Sell your vehicle with Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton. We’re experts at buying and selling used exotic and luxury cars, trucks, SUVs vehicles—let us sell yours. Park your vehicle in our 100+ vehicle indoor showroom and see the benefits of letting us find the right buyer for your premium vehicle. When you take advantage of our Park and Sell service, if we're not able to sell your vehicle, you don't pay a thing. Either we are able to successfully sell your vehicle, or you drive away at no cost to you.

We'll do the Hard Work for You


There is no risk, so contact us online or give us a call today at 780-540-5400.

How to Sell your Vehicle

Handing over keys

If you’re looking to sell your used vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.

At any given time, there can be thousands of used cars, Luxury and high-end vehicles being sold in Alberta and throughout Canada - that's a lot of competition for you if you’re trying to sell your vehicle privately. There are other options, such as putting your vehicle up for auction or selling it to a nameless dealership for a fraction of what it is worth. Why put yourself through all of that?

Two luxury vehicles

We deal with all used cars, luxury and exotic vehicles and have a wide range of contacts who may be interested in buying yours. On top of that, we have a constant flow of clients coming through our showroom every day looking for quality pre-owned luxury and exotic vehicles. Trusting Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton to sell your vehicle is the smart way to go. Fill out the simple form and we’ll get to work selling your luxury or exotic car, truck, or SUV.


Salesman with two cars

We’re always happy to help someone sell their high-end vehicle. Once you sell it, though, what do you want to drive next?

Browse through our extensive inventory of top quality luxury cars, trucks, and SUVs, along with a selection of impressive exotic supercars. Chances are your dream car is waiting for you right here at Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton.

2017 Lamborghini Aventador S

Use the money from the vehicle we sell for you and put it toward an even better, more capable vehicle. With a 100+ vehicle showroom, we’re the premier pre-owned luxury and exotic vehicle dealership in all of Alberta. Trust Luxur to sell your luxury or exotic vehicle, and check out our impressive inventory to find your next dream ride.

How to sell a luxury & Exotic used Car, Truck, SUV, Boat in Edmonton, Alberta? Use Luxur fine cars of Edmonton exclusive selling services!

All Park and Sell Vehicles and Boats are indoors in Edmonton's and Alberta's largest 100+ cars showroom.

Are you looking to put your luxury or Exotic used vehicle on the market, but you are not sure where and how to sell it? Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton can help! Park and Sell your Luxury & Exotic used Car for you is a comprehensive solution for buying or selling all luxury used Acura - Alfa Romeo - Aston Martin - Audi - Bentley - BMW - Buick - Chevrolet - Cadillac - Chrysler - Dodge - Ferrari - Fiat - Ford - GM - GMC - Honda - Hyundai - Infiniti - Jaguar - Jeep - Kia – Volvo - Lincoln - Lexus - Maserati - Mazda - Mercedes Benz - Mini - Mitsubishi - Nissan - Porsche - Ram - Subaru - Tesla - Toyota - Volkswagen - Lamborghini 

If you live in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver. Red Deer, Fort McMurray or anywhere else in Alberta and are planning to sell your pre-owned car – truck – SUV - minivan, consider our Park and Sell your used vehicle exclusive selling services and save yourself the hassle of doing it yourself. We do everything on your behalf 100% guaranteed with exceptional retail results.

Luxur Fine Cars Park & Sell executive services are also offered to all:

  • Auto Bank Repossession
  • Bank Foreclosures
  • Divorce Cases
  • Job Relocation  
  • Luxury Auto Estate Sale
  • Estate Auto Liquidation on behalf of all Banks and Financial institutions
  • Private owners

Park and Sell your used Car is the only exclusive licensed facility in Western Canada that provides all the necessary services to sell your car-truck-SUV-minivan-boat and any other exotic and unique used vehicle all under one roof, all indoors.

When you use our Park and Sell your used car exclusive service to sell your car-truck-SUV-minivan-boat and we are not able to sell it, we guarantee you don't pay us a penny! it is the Most Innovative and Effective Way to sell your used vehicle indoors.

Details of what Park - Buy - Sell will do for you:

  • The only known licensed facility in Canada that offers all the listed services under one roof
  • Our Dealership is located in a very high traffic area in the Downtown core of the City of Edmonton. With a daily traffic count of approx. 50,000 vehicles.
  • We are open 7 days a week 
  • We don't consign vehicles, we provide a Park and Sell program.
  • Free vehicle market evaluation and appraisal information and invaluable experience and advice. We utilize the Adesa Market Guide to assist determining the fair market list price for a particular vehicle based on previous sales transactions and current available inventory across Canada.
  • We will display your vehicle content on all our sites and several powerful network websites
  • 14 photos and feature vehicle information, until your vehicle is sold
  • Our advertising network reaches from coast to coast. It also powers its network sites with Smart Search functionality that allows potential buyers to easily locate vehicles by province, city or individual postal code. That best-in-class service and online tools with unparalleled reach
  • You pay us only if and/or when we sell your vehicle
  • We provide you the space indoor and outdoor
  • Display feature info sheets on the windshield
  • No Commissions, No Dealer mark-up, No Auction Fees and No Dealer Fees
  • You set the price that you want, and we sell it for the price that you agreed to.
  • You will get paid directly from the proceeds of the sale
  • licensed and certified auto techs adjacent to our site with 10 fully serviced bays
  • Safety, mechanical, out-of-province inspections available. (additional cost)
  • Auto detail available on-site (additional cost)
  • Car Proof (Complete Vehicle History) available on-site (additional cost)
  • Put more cash in your pocket
  • No strangers coming to your home
  • You don't have to display or provide your personal information to the buyer.
  • You don't have to miss your evenings and weekends waiting for buyers to show up
  • You must maintain title and full insurance coverage until your vehicle is sold
  • Business office on-site to do financing, lien searches and we sell extended warranties
  • Buy & Sell, hassle free, no salespeople following you around the dealership
  • We will expose your vehicle to millions of potential buyers across Canada and the USA.
  • Free offer to purchase preparation papers
  • Since 1988, experience in the automotive sector
  • AMVIC licensed - BBB Member - Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Member - Edmonton Kingsway District Member
  • Deal directly with Managers
  • Get retail for the sale of your vehicle
  • Our team provides best-in-class service through: Regular contact to review vehicle status, pricing and condition, and vehicle merchandising recommendations to sell faster,
  • Upon the sale or purchase of your vehicle and all funds are received, we will write you a check based on the final negotiated sales price that you agreed to less our 10% commissions within 10 days.


Vehicle requirements for Park and sell to be accepted into our Dealership and Showroom Location

  • Valid vehicle registration with the title showing your name. (we retain a copy)
  • Current insurance coverage. (we retain a copy)
  • All vehicles - must be in premium condition
  • As the owner of the vehicle you are required to present and maintain a full insurance coverage as long as your vehicle is in our Dealership location.
  • All vehicles are required to have at least a quarter tank of gas.
  • Photo ID of original owner
  • Car-Proof (required prior to coming into showroom)
  • Auto Detail (required prior to coming into showroom) CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN....
  • Current Full Mechanical Inspection is required prior to coming into showroom the and work recommended by the inspection shop must be finished. We will take it to get inspected at one of our recommended licensed inspection facilities at your expence.
  • No Check Engine or any other dash lights should be on.
  • if you currently have a Bank or Finance company loan, you must provide us with an official lien payout letter if applicable.


The Business will conscientiously make every effort to display, market, demonstrate and attempt to find a buyer for the said vehicle for sale to the best of the business ability and it's understood that the Business does not make any claim(s) but only providing the Buyer and seller the Park and Sell services described, and not a Guarantee that the vehicle for Sale will be Sold within the specified time that the vehicle for sale is within our dealership possession. 

Park N Sell

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