Luxur’s Platinum Security Program

Protect Your Investment from Theft and Damage


Owning your dream vehicle is a beautiful thing, right up until it’s stolen. We understand that a high-end vehicle is tempting for would-be car thieves and that’s why we offer our Platinum Security Program. Save your ride and make sure the only person driving your pride and joy is you.

Key Security Features

Identification Code

This non-removable, police-traceable code is permanently etched into all the major glass components of your vehicle. If your vehicle is ever stolen, this code allows police to quickly locate the real owner (you).

Warning Decal

Preventing theft before it happens is half the battle. Each vehicle registered in the Platinum Security Program has visible signs and notifications for any potential thieves, letting them know your vehicle is protected.

Theft Recovery

On the off chance your vehicle is stolen, Platinum Security prevention measures help authorities find your vehicle. The program also assists with you with related expenses.

Platinum Security Benefits

If, on the off chance, Platinum Security fails to prevent theft or damage to your vehicle, you will receive $5,000 towards a replacement vehicle along with rental a vehicle and/or accommodations if travelling further than 150 km. If your vehicle is recovered you can receive up to $1,000 a comprehensive deductible if the vehicle is recovered without damage or the same amount toward your home insurance deductible.

Protect your investment and your bank account by taking advantage of Luxur’s Platinum Security Program.

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