Why Shop Indoors for a pre-owned vehicle?

Shopping for a used vehicle indoors is advantageous because the vehicles are housed in an enclosed building.  The most Unique & Diverse Selection of Imports - Domestic - Exotic - Sports Vehicles - Trucks - SUV’s - Sedans - Minivans - Convertibles are available in one place, we are the largest Independent non-franchised indoor pre-owned vehicle showroom dealership in Western Canada, holding over 100+ Premium used vehicles and another 80 vehicles outside.

Luxur fine cars of Edmonton brings an unprecedented selection of stylish premium used cars, trucks, SUV's and one of a kind timeless vehicle, and some of the most exotic of quality and uniquely selected used cars available on the market in Alberta, all indoors for your viewing and shopping passion at an affordable price.

You can spend a whole day in our 32,000 sq. ft. showroom is an indoor climate-controlled environment looking at all kind of vehicles. Some people don't like to go out because it may be too hot, rainy, or cold. At Luxur fine cars indoor showroom, the temperature is controlled to the right temperature. You may forget all about the weather once you are inside.

Come by and enjoy everything, from our 100+ inventory, to the professionally designed and crafted 5,600 sq. ft. 18-hole putting greens complete with sand traps and chipping areas in the middle of our facility.

There is always a place to sit down. If you ever get tired of standing, we also have a relaxing 2,000 sq. ft. customer lounge with a large flat screen TV, Wi-Fi access, mobile phone charging stations, and much more. Most people never get tired of shopping, but it is always nice to know that we can stop and take a rest if we want to.

You could just hang out with your friends or whomever you may be with and just check out the latest vehicle arrivals and all the free benefits of shopping indoors at Luxur fine cars has to offer.

You will always find something you like or want to buy. It is hard to go out to luxur fine cars and not find anything we like. Even if we do not buy anything the same day, we will eventually buy something that excites us in the near future. You'd be surprised that one day you might get lucky and discover a unique product in our inventory. If we do not have your desired vehicle, we will shop the automotive world for you. Our team members are capable and have access to find your perfect dream premium pre-owned vehicle.

Find all your favorite automotive vehicles at one stop. This is one of the great benefits of shopping indoors at Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton. Everything you need is more than likely in the showroom. Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton is your one-stop shop.

There are multiple people to meet. No matter what time you visit, there is always a group of people walking around. Luxur Fine Cars is one of the friendliest places that you will find in a car dealership.

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We’re committed to delivering affordable premium pre-owned vehicles and added value to our customers every chance we can!