10 Reasons why you should use our Park and Sell Executive Services to Sell your Vehicle?

If you’ve decided to sell your Acura - Alfa Romeo - Aston Martin - Audi - Bentley - BMW - Buick - Chevrolet - Cadillac - Chrysler - Dodge - Ferrari - Fiat - Ford - GM - GMC - Honda - Hyundai - Infiniti - Jaguar - Jeep - Kia – Volvo - Lincoln - Lexus - Maserati - Mazda - Mercedes Benz - Mini - Mitsubishi - Nissan - Porsche - Ram - Subaru - Tesla - Toyota - Volkswagen – Lamborghini, the big question you’re likely faced with is, how much should I sell it for? Setting a competitive listing price is key to a smooth transaction – price too high and car shoppers will scroll right by. Price too low and you lose potential profits.

What you should consider:

The value of your car depends heavily on the condition of the car and what’s happened to it over its lifespan. You need to consider these factors: • Age of the car • Mileage • Wear and tear, inside and out • How well it was cared for and maintained • Any flaws or mechanical issues • The vehicle’s accessories and added features • Recent updates made to the car • How quickly you need to sell the vehicle

Price it right

Set a competitive asking price with help from Luxur Fine Cars of Edmonton. Pricing your vehicle based on what others are listing for online could set you up for disappointment as a vehicle’s asking price is not always what it sells for. Make your listings stand out with a realistic asking price that considers the vehicle’s unique history, plus what similar vehicles have actually sold for in your area.

Should you trade in your vehicle or sell it privately?

When you’re selling your used car, one thing you need to decide on is who you want to sell it to. Do you want to trade your car in to a dealership or sell it privately? Your answer could depend on how much time and effort you want to put into making the sale.

If you take it to a dealership for a trade-in, they may offer you less than you feel the vehicle is worth, especially if they have to put money into the car in order to sell it and make a profit. Trading in your car at a dealership is an easy sale, but you might not get as much money for the car as you would if you sold through our Luxur Fine Cars park and sell executive services. When a dealer buys your car, their offer will account for the money it will cost them to recondition the car, so they can sell it and make a profit. Any little scratch, dent or upholstery stain will need to be fixed, and the cost of that repair will likely impact the trade-in value and be deducted from your offer.

If you decide to sell your vehicle privately, then it’s your responsibility to store and market your car, comply with any provincial requirements, as well as meet and negotiate with buyers. You may get more for your vehicle through a private sale, but it could also take longer to make the sale. When you sell a vehicle privately, it is your responsibility to market the car, comply with any provincial requirements and negotiate with buyers. It will take longer and require more effort - a decision that you must make.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should consider the use of our Park and sell your vehicle executive services.

“The obvious safe and sensible option”

Selling your vehicle on your own


You have to place your own ads

  • Takes time and possible expenses.

Compromise your family's safety

  • You will have strangers coming to your home.

Funding insecurity

  • Funds from strangers can have risk. Double check any payment from a stranger.

People will haggle with you

  • Will the price offered for your vehicles be honored without hassles?

Legal papers

  • Who completes the legal paperwork required?

Lien Pay-off

  • Who processes your vehicle pay-off if necessary?

You might get undercut

  • Will you be paid a fair price for your vehicle?

Who keeps title and insurance?

  • With us you can keep it until your vehicle gets sold.

Test drives

  • Test drives are time consuming and sometimes unsafe if you don't know the buyer.

Giving away your personal information

  • When selling it yourself you will have to display your information and address online.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Selling your vehicle with us


We advertise for you

  • We take the expense out of selling your vehicle by reaching thousands of potential buyers across Canada.

AMVIC licensed

  • We deal with all buyers on your behalf and all of our staff are AMVIC licensed and bonded.

We pay you

  • We take care of getting you your money and we are bonded; licensed and funds are secured by us

We always honor our quotes

  • As long as your vehicle is as represented, we honor our quotes 

Quick Turnaround

  • Our licensed staff will process your paperwork in a timely manner

We arrange lien

  • We will arrange all lien payoffs and our licensed staff will process your paperwork in a timely manner

We review prices

  • We are happy to review the price offered details, retail, wholesale and dealer auction prices

You keep the title & insurance

  • Until your vehicle is sold and you get your money

Licensed AMVIC staff

  • Our licensed AMVIC staff will go on every test drive with the buyer once we qualify them as buyers

We keep your information safe

  • When using our services, we do not disclose any personal information to anyone, they deal directly with us

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